Leadership: CPAK provides leadership to Kentucky professionals by working to maintain and improve professional standards in the field of college student personnel. CPAK recognizes the challenges faced both today and in the future of the field and provides a forum in which to address these issues

Support: CPAK supports the mission, ideology, and philosophy of student development. It encourages the advancement of such knowledge through research, the sharing of resources and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Professional Development: CPAK promotes the professional development, involvement and renewal of its members. Opportunities to network, to benefit from the ideas and expertise of colleagues, and to teach and learn are ever-present. CPAK assists in keeping its members current with research, issues, and new developments in the field via the annual conference.

Exchange: The exchange of resources, knowledge and ideas is an important aspect of CPAK. This exchange is central to the mission and success of CPAK and the endeavors of its members at their institutions.

Outreach: CPAK assists with the development of the profession by encouraging a new generation of leaders to enter the field. It fosters pre-professional and graduate student experiences in the profession. Periodically, CPAK organizes a conference regarding careers in student affairs.