FEBRUARY 11th, 2017


Noon – Introductions and Opening Keynote Speaker: Why Select the Field of Higher Education

1:30pm – Panel of Faculty in Graduate Education

2:30pm – Panel of Mid-level and New Professionals

3:30pm – Faculty and Professionals in the Field Mixer

COST: $20 covers lunch and materials

REGISTRATION: Contact Dr. Rhodes at


The Careers in Student Affairs Conference is designed for undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies and careers in the field of Student Affairs.  The Careers in Student Affairs Conference offers opportunities to:

  • Gain knowledge and insight about the Student Affairs field
  • Learn about the graduate school and graduate assistantship experience
  • Understand the graduate school application process and what faculty look for
  • Learn about specific fields within the Student Affairs field
  • Network and make new friends

Rationale and Purpose: As a profession, we are committed to a lifetime of service to our students and our respective campuses.  We are also ambassadors and advocates for our profession.  As professional, in the field, we must be invested in encouraging and promoting our best and brightest students to consider the challenges and rewards of selecting a career in higher education.  To this commitment we should provide an opportunity for our undergraduates to consider the possibilities of a career in higher education.