CPAK Executive Committee Elections

Below are the nominees for CPAK Executive Committee for 2017. Elections will open on March 20 and end on March 27. You must be or become a registered member of ACPA/CPAK to serve on the Executive Council and only registered ACPA/CPAK members will be able to vote.

Olivia Feldkamp

I am interested in the Northern and Eastern Regional Representative positions. Being a member of CPAK’s Executive Board provides the opportunity to advocate for higher education professionals and establish positive education opportunities within the state. To be effective at this, communicating with and reaching out to as many higher education professionals and graduate students as possible is an essential part of CPAK’s purpose as an organization.  Connecting to individuals at institutions across the state can be challenging, but the continued establishment and improvement of the regional representative positions is one of the main ways to engage those who are not normally active in the decision-making process for CPAK.  I am excited for an opportunity to again serve in a role that works with other Executive Council members to share information with members throughout the state.

I would work to implement regional programming that would provide closer opportunities for engagement.  These regional opportunities could include webinar viewing locations, providing an opportunity for discussion and networking within the central region, and regional event sites for professional development opportunities and events like the Careers in Student Affairs Conference, which have historically been held in one location. As a past regional representative, I would build upon my past experience to continuously improve the effectiveness of these positions.

Kristina Belcher

As an undergraduate student from a small town in Eastern Kentucky, I quickly learned first-hand just how critical student affairs was to the success of students.  I started Eastern Kentucky University commuting from my hometown 30 minutes east.  However, I soon realized that I was not growing to who I really wanted to be, nor was I having a true collegiate experience.  After a week of commuting, I moved on campus.  Through my friendships with those on my floor, my RA, and Residence Hall Coordinator, my life was changed. I applied to be an RA, and that is where my passion was formed.  I found my niche in helping those transition to college, and creating a home away from home for my residents.  As a professional, my passion has grown to foster the development, engagement, and success of our residential community by providing an inclusive home that enhances the collegiate experience.  Through my 2 years of experience as an ACUHI-I intern and now in my 4th year as a Residence Hall Coordinator, I am able to see the theories and developmental stages in my students, and able to pin point the needs of students from the Eastern Kentucky region (many of which I could pin point in myself as a product of Eastern Kentucky).  Not only do I have the personal experience of being a student from Eastern Kentucky, but also working in the Eastern Region I understand the challenges that some of my colleagues may face.  It has been a pleasure learning this role last year, and with the new opportunities within this position, it would be an honor to bring my passion and experience to CPAK in this position again.

John Michael Haky

The Eastern Kentucky Regional Representative opportunity would allow me to foster communication and collaboration among professionals across the region and with the state as a whole. Through my current involvement in such organizations as the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers and the Kentucky Association of Residence Halls, I have attempted to foster opportunities that facilitate development for both students and professionals in Kentucky’s student housing. As an Area Coordinator at Morehead State University and a member of MSU’s Staff Congress, I have explored means to foster growth, development, and effective communication among multiple constituents for the betterment of all. As a voice and resource for the institutions and student affairs professionals within the region, I would hope to be able to communicate and connect professionals with information and opportunities relevant to those within the region, as well as attempt to bring or develop effective and accessible growth and development opportunities to the region.

*A breakdown of these regions is available here.