Dr. Don Gehring
Founder, Association for Student Judicial Affairs
Expert Witness in Higher Education Legal Cases
Consultant to Higher Education Institutions
Author and Public Speaker

Ed.D. University in Georgia, Higher Education
M.Ed. Emory University





Wm. Randy Hays
Vice President and Dean of Student Life, Centre College

M.S. University of Kentucky, Higher Education






Dr. Don Robertson
Vice President for Student Affairs, Murray State University

Ed.D. West Virginia University, Education Administration
M.S. University of Tennessee, College Student Personnel







Dr. Laura Smith
Vice President of Student Affairs, Jefferson Community and Technical College

Ph.D. Indiana State University, Leadership in Higher Education Administration
M.Ed. University of Louisville, College Student Personnel






Dr. Michael K. Vetter
Associate Professor, Doctoral Program in Leadership in Higher Education, Bellarmine University
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Transylvania University, 1997-2012

Ph.D. University of Florida, Education Administration
M.Ed. Bowling Green State University, College Student Personnel