This section will be a new addition to the CPAK newsletter where different members of our community can dissect various topics of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. As a community, it is important to encourage conversation with one another. Additionally, we want to highlight those in the Commonwealth who shine in their work around equity and inclusion in the hopes that we can all take tips, policies, and best practices back to our institutions and fight for the well-being and success of all of our students.

The first component of this section will include an article submission from a member of the CPAK community regarding a topic of their choice.
To sign up for a month, please be directed to the posting schedule found here.

The second component of this section will be an equity and inclusion highlight were CPAK members can submit material to be highlighted each month. This material can include people with a commitment for Equity and Inclusion, equitable policies that have been incorporated at various institutions, successful programs or events that occurred, or any other notable moment that highlights to mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice at our institutions in the Commonwealth. Submit content here. 

For any questions regarding the Equity and Inclusion Focal Point, please contact Ariel Snow at [email protected]


Navigating Whiteness in EDI Work by Jo Teut