Strategic Plan


This Strategic Plan provides a broad, long-term planning framework primarily comprised of long-term goals and objectives intended to enable attainment of those goals. Within the framework of this strategic plan, each year’s CPAK Executive Council is encouraged to develop its own unique annual goals and objectives to meet the CPAK needs of that particular year. Such annual goals and objectives should support and be consistent with the mission and long-term goals of CPAK and of the American College Personnel Association.

This plan goes into affect when approved by the Executive Council during the summer of 2012 and is intended to remain in effect until June 30, 2017 unless amended or replaced. The CPAK Executive Council has the authority to modify this Plan, or to replace this Plan in its entirety with a Plan deemed more appropriate to meet the needs of CPAK.

The College Personnel Association of Kentucky, a state division of the American College
Personnel Association, College Educators International, is committed to the education and development of professionals in the varied areas of student affairs, student services, campus life, academic support, and higher education administration throughout the state of Kentucky.

The College Personnel Association of Kentucky seeks to demonstrate and uphold certain values in the execution and delivery of our programs and services. Three of our highest held core values are:



To provide leadership to Kentucky professionals by:

  • Working to maintain and improve professional standards in the field of higher education
  • Providing quality professional development experiences
  • Achieving national prominence as a state division within ACPA
  • Building the infrastructure of the Association in order to provide meaningful leadership opportunities

To provide support to Kentucky professionals by:

  • Supporting and reinforcing the mission, ideology, and philosophy of student development
  • Providing a venue for collaboration across campuses and other state divisions
  • Encouraging the advancement of knowledge through research and best practices

To provide professional development for Kentucky professionals by:

  • Hosting state conferences and workshops to keep members current with research, issues, and new developments in the field
  • Providing continuous education to members via a periodic newsletter
  • Utilizing the web site to promote opportunities for professional development and career advancement
  • Providing opportunities to network with professionals inside and outside of the state

To provide outreach and growth to Kentucky professionals by:

  • Supporting a new generation of leaders to thrive in the field through undergraduate and graduate student opportunities and experiences
  • Recognizing member contributions to the field through award nominations at the state, regional, and national level
  • Increasing involvement within ACPA through membership, service, and contributions to the profession
  • Increasing, diversifying, and sustaining membership of CPAK
  • Collaborating with other state organizations and divisions that have similar goals and objectives for its members (e.g., NASPA)

To strengthen organizational structure and effectiveness by:

  • Ensuring appropriate annual transition and orientation activities following election of new officers
  • Ensuring that all organizational documents are electronically maintained and are up to date
  • Maintaining and updating CPAK goals, policies and procedures annually
  • Conducting annual review of the CPAK organizational structure. This review will include examining the success in developing and including constituencies, the efficacy of committee structure, the use of current technology and the clarification of Board members’ roles and functions
  • Annually evaluating the Affirmative Action Statement/Plan

To assure fiscal stability by:

  • Implementing and maintaining membership rates reasonable and comparable to competitors’ rates
  • Maintaining a systematic membership renewal process for the association
  • Acquiring a sound insurance policy for CPAK functions and events
  • Developing and maintaining a systematic budget process for the association
  • Coordinate individual or institutional membership dues