At this Fall’s Business Meeting, CPAK updated the by-laws to include the additional of a new position, the Coordinator for Equity and Inclusion, as well as, updating the job description for the regional representatives.  You can view CPAK’s by-laws here.

This year we are excited to implement a new professional development model for our members.  In an effort to make CPAK to be a year round experience for its members, you can look forward to various separate opportunities for professional growth rather than a single annual conference. Additionally, there are numerous other offerings that one can participate in right from your own office. Make sure to check out the Resources tab all upcoming opportunities!

Formed in 1976, the College Personnel Association of Kentucky (CPAK) is a state division of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). CPAK concerns itself with the professionals in the varied areas of student affairs, student services, campus life, academic support, and higher education administration throughout the state of Kentucky.

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